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Testing and qualification

Proveed takes part in the Testing of large IT projects. Taking advantage of a dual skill (functional and technical), it means various tasks :

- establishing a methodology.
A bug tracking workflow.

- developing creative Test strategies.

- writing ISTQB Test plans with approach, identified risks, organization, reporting requirements, ...

- identifying the key performance indicators and achieving the corresponding reports.
This is examples of a One page reporting. It contains the more useful KPIs that will must be analysed.

- assuring quality by covering each requirement and each bug by at least one Test Case.
A traceability matrix : checks that all requirements are covered by Test Cases.

- preparing functional testing from Business needs (Business requirements, functional analysis or, failing which, by efficient brainstorming workshops).
When no document, we organize brainstorming workshops using appropriate methodologies. 

- automating tests through the available tools and / or developing creative solutions to do so.